Can I Have a Cheat Day?

“Today’s my cheat day!” We hear that all the time, but what does it mean? Is it something that you can or should do?

A cheat day is meant to allow yourself to have some of the things you are not regularly eating like cookies, chips, hamburger, a beer or glass of wine. The idea is that if you allow yourself to have these things once in a while you won’t fall off the wagon.

The problem with an entire day of cheating is this; you’ve spent all week exercising eating smaller portions and have created a deficit of 3500 calories throughout your week which should equal 1 lb. lost (about 3500 calories equals 1 lb. of fat). That sounds great until you go to a restaurant and eat a 1500 calorie burger, 500 calorie order of French fries and a 200 calorie soda. That’s one meal if you have a 200 calorie candy bar, and then dinner is another high-calorie dinner you’ve just undone everything you did that entire week.

Allowing yourself a cheat MEAL is a bit more realistic for you to stay on track with your goals. Does that mean to eat whatever you want for that meal like I described above? Absolutely not. What it means is you can eat something outside of what you normally would, within reason. If you have been craving a hamburger order the hamburger, but skip the fries and the coke. Be aware of your hard work and your goals you want for your life, don’t blow something you’ve wanted for years to satisfy the craving you’ve had for a few minutes.


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