What’s the Best Diet for Weight Loss?

With a quick internet search, you’ll see that there are a myriad of diets, meal replacements, and wonder drugs on the market that all promise to be the best way to lose that stubborn fat.

The truth is the best diet for you is the one that you are going to adhere to. Diets that restrict a macronutrient (carbohydrate, fat, or protein) are typically a good sign that it is not a sustainable diet. Replacement meal shakes fall into this same category, at some point you have to start eating real food again. Think about how many people you know who’ve lost weight on a particular diet or program, and then gained it all right back again as soon as they got off the diet.

The Key to Sustained weight loss is your ability to follow it even after you’ve lost the weight. Rather than think about a diet think about scaling back the food that you are eating, in other words, control your portions. A deck of cards worth of protein and a fist sized portion of both starchy carbs and vegetables is a decent guide to portion control. In between snack on low-calorie foods like veggies. For more information on nutrition recommendations check out choose my plate. 

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