Guns Don’t Kill People – Mediocrity Kills People

It’s Monday morning, Jim’s alarm goes off, and he hates the fact that he has to wake up. All the stresses of life hit him the second he wakes up; his debt, kids, spouse, and bills. It’s been a long time since he’s felt a sense of passion for anything; Everyday is the same routine and life is passing by him so quickly that he has to run just to keep up.

A disturbing amount of people can relate to Jim, alive but not living. As kids, we had these grandiose ideas of what we would become and who we would be later in life. We were the captain of our ship. Everything seemed possible, but somewhere along the lines we settled. We gave up our individuality, our confidence, and we threw in the towel on our dreams. We went from captain to deck hand on our own ship, trading out who we wanted to be for who we are “supposed” to be… mediocre.

But you are not mediocre, you are special; you are the only you there will ever be. There might be people similar to you, but there will never be another You. There will never be another person who can do the thing you are passionate about like you can. Embrace the individuality that this world has attempted to strip from you. Don’t be the person on their deathbed with a lifetime of regret. Go confidently, be a person of impeccable character, believe in your dreams and pursue them fervently. If you do that, I promise your life will exceed your wildest expectations.

“The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.” William Arthur Ward

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