Why Diets are Scarier than Dating Taylor Swift

If you are dating Taylor Swift, it seems inevitable that you will be the subject of her newest hit once you split with her. What’s scarier than having your dirty laundry aired out on all the pop radio stations? Failing at the latest fad diet because “Dr. So and So” said it’s the fastest way to lose weight.

Fad diets all share a common thread; minimize a macronutrient (carbs or fat usually), a sensational promise of results (by a celebrity being paid to endorse it), and an end date to achieve them by (although results may vary).

Life is busy and hectic; we are all looking for a “get rich quick” solution to our problems. Rarely do these solutions live up to their promise, and if they do, usually the achievement fades just as quickly as it came. Diets tend to stick around for a while because people do see results from them, so they must work right? We’ve all seen Oprah, Kirstie Alley and others who’ve lost weight on a particular diet and then gained it right back again, in some cases increasing even more than they lost, so what gives?

The biggest problem with diets is they don’t address the psychological and physiological effects of food. As a matter of fact, most diets feed off of that mental impact. They create this stigma around “bad foods” and cultivate an obsessive dogma tormenting the dieter with “points,” using catchwords like “clean eating.”

The reality is food is not good or bad; food is food. Now, before you huff and puff and blow this post off, hear me out. Is a handful of chips going to sabotage all the work you’ve done? Is one glass of wine going to end the world? Is having an occasional coke going to cause hell to freeze over? No, it’s not. Why? Because no food is inherently dangerous. The best diet for weight loss does not cut out any specific macronutrients, and it doesn’t need celebrities to endorse it.

If you want to lose weight, skip past all the get fit quick schemes on the market. Save the money that you would use to buy into a trendy diet and apply it toward a gym membership. Workout, eat more veggies and lean meats, eat fewer chips, drink less wine and soda. You have everything you need to succeed already inside of you. Find your why, conquer your goals, and ensure that you don’t become the subject of Taylor Swift’s next hit!

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