5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Let’s face it, we can’t know everything there is to no know about every thing. We go to mechanics to fix our cars, and we call electricians for electrical problems. Hiring professionals to help us is something we do on a regular basis, fitness is no different. But, hiring a personal trainer is a big decision and a costly one. Because of that, I’ve put together a small list of reasons to hire a personal trainer to help you make your decision.

  1. You are utterly confused

You walk into the gym, look around a bit not quite sure what to do. You get onto a machine because by the looks of the diagram it will help you work the part of your body that you aren’t happy with. You’re not alone, but randomly getting on machines to exercise a muscle without any plan is like throwing a bunch of miscellaneous items into a crock pot and hoping for the best. If you’re a culinary genius, it will probably come out delicious, but if you’re like the rest of us, it will only end in disaster.

A personal trainer will get you on the path to success, with a routine tailored to your body and your goals. They understand how your body works, and how your body will respond to specific methods.


  1. Motivation

It’s easy to get motivated, but it’s difficult to stay motivated day in and day out when life starts to get in the way.

Personal trainers wear many hats; coach, educator, confidant, and motivator. A personal trainer’s job is to not only motivate you during your training session with them but keep you motivated throughout the time you work with them. Your very own cheerleader!


  1. You have injuries and/or special needs

Whether you have current injuries or are recovering from injuries it is very easy to cause more damage if you are not exercising with the correct form, or if your activity incorporates movements that are not healthy for the injured site.

Research confirms that individuals with unique health challenges such as diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, asthma, and heart disease benefit greatly from regular exercise. These conditions, however, can make exercising safely a challenge.

Many personal trainers have training, specializing in injuries and special needs and can create a workout plan to not only help you get to your goals but also may help correct your issues.


  1. You need to be challenged

As human beings, we are great at letting ourselves off the hook. We do just enough to be able to check the box that the task is done, but we know that we could have and should have done more.

A personal trainer will write you a personal exercise program that progress as your body does, and will push you to make sure you get the most of every session.


  1. You’ve stopped seeing results on your program

You’ve been working out, taking classes, killing yourself on the elliptical, but you’ve stopped seeing progress. You haven’t changed anything, but you do not see the same results that you were.

Your body is an amazing machine and adapts to the stresses that you put on it, the problem with that is you stop seeing results because what once was a challenge is something your body can already do. A personal trainer can take a look at what you’ve been doing and create a new program that will get you back on track to your goals.


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