Sales is NOT a Bad Word!

Sales isn’t a bad word.

So many people look at sales as a job but not a career, like something you do to put yourself through school until you get a real job.

If only people realized how much of our life is spent selling. Selling is simply persuading people to do what you want them to do by convincing them that they want to do it.

Similar things happen when we’re talking a friend into going to a certain restaurant, or convincing a potential mate to date you and eventually marry and have children with you. The mechanic tells you what service you need is selling, a relentless kid begging his parents for a toy or candy bar is also selling.

The bottom line is we are all in sales, and we all make a commission for the duties performed. Sales are the oldest profession, and is a staple in any company, without sales, there is no growth.

Salesmen got a bad wrap when the fast-talking swindlers entered the industry, but anyone who sells now understands that people don’t want to be sold, but they live to buy.

Sales can be a very lucrative and fulfilling career, but you have to become obsessed with the entire process, and with overall success in all areas of your life, your career, your marriage, your parenting, your friendships. Cultivate the seeds and watch success grow.

Find your passions, find you’re way and find what you want to be remembered for. Now get out there and create a life worth living.


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