Success is in the Eye of the Beholder

Success is much like beauty, it is I’m the eye of the beholder… Kind of. Success is often thought of as being subjective, but it really isn’t. Success just means you are overachieving in areas of your life that you deem valuable.

The problem with success is that it can’t just be achieved once, it has to be achieved and not only maintained but built upon.

Ongoing success or a happy, meaningful life is built on the back of discipline. Discipline is what keeps us going when the going gets tough. Think about it, the only reason we do anything is that we want to do it. Sometimes we only want to do it because not doing it is worse. But then we get into the thick of it and realize that its a lot more work than we originally anticipated and the payoff is going to take a lot longer than we originally planned for. So we quit, we may not completely throw the towel in, but we do just enough to get by.

Before embarking on any endeavor we have to understand why we want to accomplish what we want to accomplish, and once we get there, then what?
There always has to be a bigger, more magnificent goal on the horizon. Setting attainable goals should only be used to put the pieces together of a much larger goal. The problem with many people is that they set low goals, and reach them but there is little to no reward. In order to live an extraordinary life, we have to set extraordinary goals and become obsessed with achieving them.

You can become anyone you want to become, but it starts with believing in yourself and envisioning the person you want to become. Like Mohammad Ali, he believed and said he was the greatest before anyone knew his name, had a belief that fueled his deliberate drive toward his goals.

Become the Ali in your life. Believe in your goals and your visions, and push every day to become the greatest version of yourself!

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