What Is Keeping You From Greatness?

Why are we as humans so resistant to change? Why do we allow the fear of the unknown to stop us from reaching our true potential?

It’s pretty simple really, change means something new, something new isn’t “safe”, it is, however, necessary to grow.

As I embark on a new venture I have all the same emotions as everyone else; a little anxiety, and nervousness, but I also have this unrelenting desire to become better. That anxiety and fear of what’s to come are what tells me that what I’m about to begin is worth doing. That fear is only because it isn’t comfortable, but there’s no growth in comfort. Becoming too comfortable is detrimental to your success in any endeavor. Comfort is what ensures that you will have the same problems for the rest of your life. If you have the same problems that you had 10 years ago, your last 10 years have experienced zero growth.

We should embrace change because in those moments we are forced to adapt and grow into the person who will achieve levels of success that the person we currently are cannot achieve. Change and growth are essential to us living the life we dream of, no matter what that life looks like.

Who do you want to be? What does success look like to you? What areas of your life have become stagnant because of comfort? Think about these questions in depth, be honest with yourself, and then break down the walls of comfort and drive your life in the direction that you desire.

The time is now!

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