Selling with Noone to Sell to?

When we talk about sales we think of the entire process of someone becoming persuaded to do what the salesman/woman wants them to do. Contrary to popular belief selling is only a segment of “the sale”. The sale starts with the most important segment, which is prospecting. I’m sure you’ve heard the sales acronym A.B.C….

Leadership is action, not position.

Recently I worked with a company who has a team of “rookie” outside sales reps. The goal of these reps is to consistently exceed a goal that increases by $750.00 gross profit per month for 24 months at which point they are no longer a rookie and can make a substantial amount of money.

Sales is NOT a Bad Word!

Sales isn’t a bad word. So many people look at sales as a job but not a career, like something you do to put yourself through school until you get a real job. If only people realized how much of our life is spent selling. Selling is simply persuading people to do what you want…