Selling with Noone to Sell to?

When we talk about sales we think of the entire process of someone becoming persuaded to do what the salesman/woman wants them to do. Contrary to popular belief selling is only a segment of “the sale”. The sale starts with the most important segment, which is prospecting. I’m sure you’ve heard the sales acronym A.B.C….

Leadership is action, not position.

Recently I worked with a company who has a team of “rookie” outside sales reps. The goal of these reps is to consistently exceed a goal that increases by $750.00 gross profit per month for 24 months at which point they are no longer a rookie and can make a substantial amount of money.

How I Decided To Start My Own Business

Owning my own business is not something that I’ve always dreamed of. As a matter of fact being a business owner has often seemed like more trouble than it was worth. The longer I stayed training clients in a box gym though, the more I felt compelled to start a business that truly was focused…

The Keys to Success

Success is something we all talk about; it’s this very elusive idea that many of us can’t seem to grasp. Why is that? Why is success so hard to achieve? What does success even mean? How do you know if you’re on the right track to success? My twenties were spent like the average person’s are….